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Preimplantation Genetic Testing (Basics)

Welcome to our guide on Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT). If you're considering or undergoing IVF (In Vitro Fertilization), PGT can be an important part of the process. It helps ensure the health of the baby before pregnancy. This guide will explain PGT in simple terms, its types, and what it means for you as a parent.


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Written by Sajjad Biglari

Edited by Juliëtte Gossens


What is PGT?

PGT is a test performed on embryos created through IVF. It checks for genetic issues before the embryo is placed in the womb. This testing helps identify embryos with the best chance of developing into a healthy pregnancy.

Types of PGT:

  • PGT-A (Aneuploidy Screening): Checks for the right number of chromosomes.

  • PGT-M (Monogenic/Single Gene Disorders): Looks for specific genetic disorders.

  • PGT-SR (Structural Rearrangements): Tests for chromosomal structure issues.

The PGT Process Explained: 

  1. IVF is done to create embryos.

  2. A few cells are taken from each embryo.

  3. These cells are tested for genetic issues.

  4. Healthy embryos are chosen for pregnancy.

Benefits and Limitations of PGT

  • Benefits: Increases the chance of a healthy pregnancy, reduces the risk of certain genetic disorders.

  • Limitations: Not all genetic issues can be detected, and the process requires IVF.

Ethical Considerations

PGT raises important ethical questions. It's about balancing the desire for a healthy baby with concerns about selecting embryos based on genetic information. We encourage you to discuss these aspects with your healthcare provider.

FAQs for Parents:

  • Q: Is PGT safe for the embryo? A: Yes, PGT is a common procedure and is generally considered safe.

  • Q: Can PGT guarantee a healthy baby? A: While PGT increases the chances of a healthy baby, it cannot guarantee it.


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