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PREhealth Reproductive learning for everyone

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What happens before a baby is made? What could go wrong and what must go right? Explore our articles explaining the often difficult journey to fertilization of an egg.


How is a baby made? What happens after an embryo is created? Explore our articles explaining the wonderful world of early pregnancy.



Lots of things happen to a baby and to your body during pregnancy. Explore our articles explaining what happens, why, and what it means when things don't go to plan.


The People's School of Reproductive Health (PREhealth) was born out of a project started at Maastricht University, which focused on improving the usability of a test commonly done during pregnancy, NIPT. This research is still ongoing, and you can read more about it here. As the project developed, the need for easily understandable, easily accessible, and comprehensive information about topics involving pregnancy became apparent. PREhealth focuses on three parts, namely PREconception, PREimplantation, and PREnatal care. Doctor's appointments are generally short, and people may have many questions left. We aim to provide a platform on which scientifically sound, patient-minded information can be found, and expecting parents can connect to find community. We're here for all parents, of all genders, sexualities, and ethnicities. 

Pregnancy can be an uncertain time, and we hope PREhealth can give you some peace of mind.

- the PREhealth team

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The main goal at PREhealth is providing you with information that you can trust. We're not a replacement for your doctor, but we can provide a basis for reading up on topics before or after your doctor's appointment.


PREhealth was built during a research project on NIPT, a blood test commonly done during pregnancy, at Maastricht University. The aim of this research was to make prenatal diagnosis as least invasive as possible.




Pregnancy isn't easy. Many expecting parents face doubts and uncertainties. Myths and stigmas exist involving a variety of people wanting to become pregnant, and some may not be able to access relevant information. We're looking to change that. 

PREhealth is ran by a diverse group of students, experts, and volunteers. Together, we do the best we can to provide relevant and reliable information, accessible to a diverse group of people.


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